Configuration structure

Wifipumpkin3 uses .ini format for configuration file support. ~ is your home directory, usually /home/username. A file or folder name starting with a . is the Linux version of a hidden file/folder. So ~/.config is a hidden folder within your home directory. On ~/.config exist ~/.config/wifipumpkin3 when wp3 is installed. the file structure is like:

$ ls 
 config  exceptions  helps  logs  scripts

All files .ini format is located in config/app folder, let’s take a look the structure files on this folder.

├── captive-portal.ini
├── config.ini
├── dns_hosts.ini
├── pumpkinproxy.ini
└── sniffkin3.ini

0 directories, 5 files

the mean file is config.ini that settings all information the access point, plugins,modules, proxy and all variable in CLI interfafce.

DNS hosts (Rouge DNS Server)

The hosts file is a file is used as a first point of lookup for DNS hostname resolution. the wp3 using the imlpementation of python dns resolver created by Samuel Colvin @samuelcolvin.

the format is very simple. Modifying the hosts dns file involves adding two entries to it. Each entry contains the IP address to which you want the site to resolve and a version of the Internet address. in resume is rogue DNS server for translates domain names of desirable websites (search engines, banks, brokers, etc.) into IP addresses of sites with unintended content, even malicious websites.

for example:  A  CNAME  MX      ["", 5]  MX      ["", 10]  MX      ["", 20]  NS  NS  TXT     hello this is some text  SOA     ["", ""]

all request the client to domain will be redirected by localhost if you not change the dhcp range ip address.

DHCP server Configuration

wp3 have a own dchp implementation like wp2, the dhcp server will be configure only setting on file config.ini for now. let take a look on this file.


so far, this is the default settings dhcp server for network ip class A, you can set for class B or C if you want. in config.ini have two example the class IPAddress type.