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Wifipumpkin3 release v 1.0.8




Jaci is the goddess daughter of Tupã. She is the great representative of the night and guardian of the moonlight. She is responsible for reproduction. Indigenous peoples say that she plants nostalgia in the hearts of hunters, so that they return to their wives and take care of their family.

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Wifipumpkin3 release v 1.0.5




God of Order - AKUANDUBA is a deity from the mythology of the Araras Indians, who inhabit the left bank of the Iriri River, in the state of Pará-Brazil. Akuanduba played his flute to bring order to the world, but one day, because of the disobedience of human beings, they were launched in water and the few survivors had to learn from scratch how to continue life.

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Wifipumpkin3 CLI - version 1.0.0



Wp3 is out! I am finally ready to publish first version of wifipumpkin3. This version is full python 3 and CLI (command line interface), but require as dependency Pyqt5 because a i reused many code and implementation of structure the WiFiPumpkin GUI.

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